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If you own a 2.0T TSI powered VW or Audi, and are experiencing an engine stumble or misfire, check engine light, or mysterious oil leaks in the driveway, there's a good chance that your rear main seal and PCV valve may be failing. Rather than replacing it with another part from the dealer that is known to fail, iABED Industries has recently developed an upgraded solution to permanently fix your rear main seal. PCV valve failure is the most common cause of rear main seal failure. This is due to an excess of crankcase pressure, which is more than the rear main seal can handle. PCV issues can appear with multiple symptoms or virtually none at all.

The factory stamped unit uses a flimsy and very thin rubber surface to seal around the crankshaft. The crank is constantly spinning inside this seal too so over time as heat cycles are put through the engine, the rubber will expand and contract and become brittle, especially when it is constantly saturated with oil. iABED’s replacement solution uses a patented billet machined plate that is bored to a larger diameter so that a Viton rubber seal can be used. The Viton seal is more heat resistant, fluid resistant, and more than twice as thick.

iABED Industries was founded by Issam Nicholas Abed in 2004. In the humble beginnings , Issam was known as I.N.A. Engineering Inc. which was a small web based company offering  CAD/CAM services assisting in the design and prototyping field to accommodated companies in the industry. Since inception, the company has grown from design to manufacturing and in 2015 iABED Industries was formed as a parent company which better displayed the skill set offered by Issam.

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