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BFI MQB - Engine Mount Kit - RS 2.5 TFSI (DAZA) - Stage 1

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Keep It Planted. 

Your 2.5l 5 cylinder turbo powered Audi is capable of amazing things. This power plant is exceptional at making huge numbers, mated to a chassis that can mostly put it to the ground efficiently. One thing that is severely lacking from this package is a complement of engine mounts that are up to the task of handling that increased power without sacrificing and wasting that precious torque.

A Complete Solution

Our new engine and transmission mount package will dramatically improve how connected your engine feels to your RS vehicle, greatly improving acceleration as well as shifting. In addition, the car will feel more stable under braking and deceleration because there will be limited energy transfer.

It cannot be stated strongly enough that these overlooked parts will transform the way your car feels and performs, much more so than other common modifications such as an intake and cat-back exhaust system.

Available as a complete kit, we offer a solution for all three of your engine mounts,

Engineered To Perform. Built To Last.

Machined from solid billet aluminum, these mounts are designed from the ground up to far surpass the notoriously weak factory cast housings. We eliminate the hyrdaulic fluid and rubber bushings to provide a much more solid part. 

OEM+ quality fit and finish makes the installation process a breeze. We've taken great care to carefully reproduce all necessary mount points and bosses to ensure all hoses and lines mount as they should.

Not only are these easy to install, but they also look amazing in your engine bay, almost as if there were meant to be there from the very beginning.  You can feel confident in your purchase as we stand behind our products and are positive that they will hold up to whatever you can throw at them, lasting the life of your car. If for any reason you have any issues just contact us and we can get you sorted. 

Choose Your Flavor. 

With our multiple densities, something no other company offers, we give you the opportunity to dial in the perfect choice for your driving style. You're not limited to a "one size fits all" mount solution, which means no compromising, ever.  

STAGE 1 with its 70a durometer bushings are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations. These are the best choice for daily-driven vehicles and are recommended for majority of our customers.

 STAGE 2 with its 85a durometer bushings are for the enthusiast who is looking for maximum performance from his motor mounts - great for heavily modified street cars and track cars. Expect a noticeable increase in noise, vibration and harshness when adding Stage 2 mounts to your vehicle.

Proven Performance

Our success with these engine mounts is no accident. We've been developing engine mounts for European cars for close to 20 years.  This experience only gets better with time, and each and every new challenge is seen through the lens of all those before it. We know what does and does not work, and we know what the customer needs, maybe even better than they do. That is why we are the number one aftermarket engine mount manufacturer in the industry.