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DKM Stage 4 Twin Disc MR Clutch Kit w/Flywheel (2.0T TSI)

by DKM
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Working in collaboration with Competition Clutch, the up and coming German automotive performance company DKM has released a new line of high quality clutches made to satisfy your stock and modified performance needs! If you're having problems keeping power to the wheels, DKM has the solution. Their design, using high-grade materials, gives you increased strength and heat tolerance preventing wear and fade, ensuring increased torque capacity, quicker shifts, and longer clutch life.

MR Twin Disc Clutch Kits are ideal for high-powered vehicles. Constructed of billet pressure plate for increased stiffness and no clamp-load deflection. The additional contact surface area provided by the two cerametallic disc setup and smaller diameter results in reducing the moment of inertia (Mol), thereby maximizing the engine acceleration characteristics. MR Clutch Kits are able to hold 650 ft/lbs of wheel torque. Each kit is comprised of a billet pressure plate, cerametallic discs, and steel flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing (are included when applicable) and alignment tool are also included.

Designed to hold up to 650 ft/lbs of torque to the wheels with cerametallic discs

Kit Includes:

  • Billet pressure plate
  • Steel Flywheel
  • Cerametallic discs
  • Alignment Tool
  • Throw-out bearing
  • Necessary installation hardware 


When you remove the DMF for a lighter weight single mass flywheel, vibrations become more apparent and you will experience a chatter noise when your foot is off the clutch pedal. This noise is also louder when there is an extra load on the motor/drivetrain as well.

Don't Forget to upgrade your rear main seal while installing your clutch! 


The most common cause of rear main seal failure is a faulty PCV valve. The TSI engine is known to have PCV valve failures, which will cause an excess crankcase pressure. This is more pressure than the rear main seal can handle. This can cause check engine lights or mysterious oil leaks. 

- This seal is only accessible once the transmission and flywheel are removed making it a good idea to replace it while installing a new clutch!