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MQB Spherical Trailing Arm Bushing Upgrade

Original price $307.00 - Original price $375.00
Original price
$307.00 - $375.00
Current price $307.00

The rear trailing arm bushing is the weakest point of the rear suspension. It is extremely flexible under load, causing alignment to vary wildly under acceleration, braking, and cornering. The spherical upgrade increases the precision and feel of the rear end:

  • Inspires more confidence in corners

  • Delivers better road feel and feedback

  • Holds alignment under load

  • Does not bind

  • Eliminates random oscillations to increase grip

  • 2 spherical trailing arm bushings with motorsport-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings

  • FK WSSX10T bearings are standard, optional upgrade to Aurora PWB-10T bearings

    • Both options feature a stainless steel ball and race and bonded PTFE liner

The JXB Spherical Trailing Arm Bushing upgrade is designed to be pressed into the factory trailing arms. Typically this is done with an H-frame hydraulic press. Don’t want to deal with it? We’ll press them in for you. We’ll send you a pair of factory arms completely assembled with our bushings. Just install them and send us back your original arms for a $150 core refund. Just select the core exchange option.


Note: JXB reserves the right to refuse at its sole discretion any returned core that is not in sellable condition. Conditions that may affect acceptance of core returns include but are limited to excessive surface rust or pitting, mechanical defects (scrapes, dents, stripped holes, etc), and integral ball joints with excessive wear. If you are unsure of the condition of your cores, please send detailed pictures before returning them.

  • MkVII Volkswagen Golf/GTI/R

  • 8S/8V Audi A3/S3/RS3

  • 8S/8V Audi TT/TTS/TTRS

rubber bushings act like little springs at each suspension pivot point. They allow suspension geometry to change under load, ruining your alignment and causing unwanted handling characteristics like steering wander, binding, camber, caster, and toe changes, and lack of steering and suspension feedback. Spherical bearings do not bind or flex under load, creating perfect suspension joints.

We use only the highest quality motorsport-grade PTFE-lined bearings for best performance and lifespan. We use high strength 7075 aluminum for the bolt sleeves, and 6061 for the bearing cups. Bearings are interference-fit into the cups, so they won’t creak or rattle. Both internal and external retaining rings ensure everything will always stay in place.

Please note that lifespan will vary based on the application and driving conditions. Spherical bearings do have moving parts, so they do wear. Our bearing kits are fully rebuildable. Please contact us for rebuild kits.