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Supaloy Light Weight Lower Control Arm Kit - Street

Original price $824.00 - Original price $824.00
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$824.00 - $824.00
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Superior Supaloy Light Weight Control Arm

  • Lighter, lower unsprung weight  
  • 44% Lighter than stock or OE steel arm
  • Corrosion resistant SupAlloy 

Smart Bushing and Mount Design

  • Special low friction stainless steel insert
  • Bushing bonded direct to high-stress alloy bracket

Superior Control and Long Service Life

  • Superior engineered polyurethane bushing
  • stainless steel metal tube
  • Knurled bore for superior grease retention

Performance Grip Dynamics

  • Up to 2.0 ° extra dynamic positive caster
  • Supertrac anti-lift geometry for more traction!
  • Additional ~0.5° of negative camber

This is the highest performance offering in terms of alignment specs, however because of the aggressive caster change cars running very low ride heights and/or wider wheel and tire packages or more aggressive (numerically lower) wheel offsets can experience clearance issues at the front of the wheel well.

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