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MQB Boost Hose Kit

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Original price $234.00
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The RacingLine Boost Hose package replaces the original rubber charge pipes with beautiful smooth-flowing silicone replacements, uniquely reinforced with internal wiring for guaranteed stiffness under the demands of high heat and boost levels.  

  • By minimising restrictions, the smoother airflow and optimised routing ensures the turbo meets less resistance and can thus perform more effectively - moving a larger volume of air and minimising turbulence
  • Direct OEM replacement: simply remove the old weak, flexible rubber hoses and replace them with our five-piece kit
  • Pressure tested far beyond the turbo’s capabilities, the system maintains performance under extreme temperature and high-boost conditions
  • Stepped internal joint transitions give a port-matched laminar airflow path, greatly reducing turbulence versus non-stepped designs


The RacingLine Boost Hose Kit is probably the only one on the market which comes with five hoses included - however you'll only need to fit four of them. 

The choice of which Turbo Outlet Pipe depends on whether your car is pre- or post-2017. It's really easy to choose which to use, as it's either long or short depending on what OEM pipe you remove meaning that (unlike other kits) you can't really get this wrong!


Within the kit, our unique super-strength Intercooler Boost Hoses have steel wire helix buried within the silicone construction to eliminate the very real risk of hose collapse, yet still allowing sufficient flexibility without wall distortion and minimising airflow blockage.