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VWR Intercooler Golf 7/7.5

Original price $931.00 - Original price $931.00
Original price $931.00
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Our massive 'plate & bar' Intercooler System is the best performing intercooler upgrade on offer for the MQB-platform Golf 7 GTI, R and Audi S3.

The factory intercooler on the MQB-platform cars has proved to be unable to cope with the demands of higher power, hard driven cars, showing up as serious power losses during hard driving as air temperatures soar.

  • Our development focused on finding the ‘sweet spot’ of maximum IAT cooling versus minimum pressure loss. This has allowed us to achieve increased size without increased lag.
  • This race-proven cooler really is essential for every stage of tuning on any high performance MQB-platform car.
  • Cast construction for minimal turbulence and restriction delivering maximum flow across the entire core depth.