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Golf 7 VWR Dogbone and Subframe Mount

Original price $283.00 - Original price $283.00
Original price $283.00
$283.00 - $283.00
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To harness your power increases, and transfer that power to the track where you need it, our Uprated Drivetrain Mounts will give a much more solid drive, and crucially add durability to any high-powered or hard-driven car.

MQB-platform Lower Mount kit includes a billet aluminium Torque Link, as the factory pressed steel part lacks the stiffness needed.

A lot the fore/aft movement in the drivetrain is controlled by the Lower Mount - meaning that changing it alone makes a big difference to your drive.

The risk of wheel-hop under hard acceleration is almost eliminated as the whole engine and 'box assembly is firmly prevented from juddering when wheelspin occurs and through aggressive gearchages.